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Today I am going to show how to show any content only on homepage of blogger.

That's means in this article I will show you how to show element on homepage but not on post in blogger.

So let's start this article and knowing how to hide elements from post in blogger.

Show anything in homepage

How to show elements in homepage in blogger

For showing any content or elements in blogger homepage we use blogger conditional tags.

Blogger conditional tags are tags which is used for conditional things in blogger.

If you want to show contents on homepage and hide from post in blogger then you can use blogger conditional tag which is data:viewisHomepage.

For display contents only on homepage data:viewisHomepage is used in <b:if> tag with cond attribute.

You can understand that by example

<b:if cond='data:viewisHomepage'>

<!--- Write Your Code or contents here ---->


Above is the example for display data only homepage in blogger.

You can write your XML code or html code inside it which you want to display on homepage but not on post pages.

But if you want to hide contents from homepage then you need to use another code which is only one word changed.

How to hide elements from homepage in blogger

For the hide any element from homepage in blogger you need to use explanation mark before condition of homepage.

Below is the syntax of this

<b:if cond='!data:viewisHomepage'>

<!--- contents that will hide on homepage in blogger --->



In this article we have learnt how to display element in homepage but not post in blogger and we learn how to hide elements from homepage in blogger.

So I hope this article is helpful for you.

Thanks for reading.