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Today I am sharing the awesome beautiful blogger template which is seo friendly blogger template & also education blogger template.

I am talking about knowledge test version 2.

So read complete article to get this education blogger template.

knowledgetest version 2

What is knowledgetest educational blogger theme

Knowledgetest is a educational blogger theme which is freely available on this site.

The developer of knowledge test educational blogger theme is website developers. Those makes this theme for educational purposes.

You can download this educational blogger theme on this site or following link.

Get Knowledge test

About knowledgetest version 2

Knowledgetest version 2 is advance version of knowledgetest educational blogger theme.

In this article we tell it's features & how to get educational blogger theme knowledgetest version 2.

Preview of educational blogger theme knowledgetest version 2

You can see the preview of this educational blogger theme by clicking on live preview button.

Live Preview

So you can see it's amazing educational blogger theme for education website.

Features of educational blogger theme knowledgetest version 2

In knowledgetest you can don't set drop-down menu.

But its version 2 you can setup drop-down menu and see advance features.

It's provide following features :

  • Seo friendly blogger template
  • Responsive blogger template
  • Drop-down menu
  • Awesome footer style
  • Attractive home page
  • Unique style
  • Ads placement
  • Fast speed blogger template
  • Awesome sidebar
  • Left sidebar & right sidebar
  • Places for promotions
Above is the most features of knowledgetest educational blogger theme version 2.

How to get educational blogger theme knowledgetest

You can get this theme by clicking on the following link :-

Get theme Now

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Get Theme File

But note that you need to password for extract it.
So you can access password by following link :-


In this article you have seen an educational blogger theme knowledgetest version 2 and it's functionality.
And you also know how to download or get this educational blogger theme.

Thank for reading.